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Proactive MD Jobs

Find Healthcare Jobs That
Truly Change Lives

Practice medicine the way it was always meant to be. Browse our career opportunities below and take the first step toward a rewarding medical career.

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I can practice the way I feel is best for patients—without having to meet a patient quota.

Dr. Mark Kemble, Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs

What does a Proactive MD Practice Look Like?

More Time with Patients

Proactive MDs spend an average of 30 minutes per patient visit.

Impact your Patient Population

Develop deeper relationships with a smaller patient panel. Proactive MD teams see a maximum of 16 patients a day.

Broad-Scope Medicine

Practice thorough, effective primary care in a family atmosphere.

Care Beyond the Walls™

The onsite Patient Advocate partners with the MD and Medical Assistant to drive engagement and coordinate care.

No RVUs or Volume-Based Metrics

Our physicians are incentivized based on quality of care, not volume.

Compensation and Benefits

Enjoy compensation with incentives based on clinical outcomes, paid time off, and a competitive benefits plan.

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